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Bibimbab is Korean traditional dish and it simply translates to "mixed rice" Please mix all the ingredients thoroughly with Korean chili paste or soy sauce.

Legend:  spicy spicy   gluten free gluten free   vegetarian vegetarian  

R4. Kimchi Fried Rice SpicySpicy Gluten free

Hot, gluten free. Rice, kimchi, pork belly, fried egg.

R2. Stone Bowl Bibimbab Gluten free

Gluten free. Bibimbab served in a hot stone bowl with minced beef.

R1. Bibimbab Gluten free

Gluten free. Rice, carrot, spinach, zucchini, radish, seaweed paper, bean...

R3. Wild Mushroom Stone Bowl Bibimbab Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Rice, shiitake, enoki, oyster mushroom, king oyster mushroom,...