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Legend:  spicy spicy  

N1. Black Bean Noodle “Jja Jang Myun"

Black bean sauce, beef, hand-made noodle, cucumber, onion, potato.

N5. Sweet Potato Sticky Noodle "Jap Chae Bokkeum"

Glass noodle, black fungus mushroom, sweet soy sauce, assorted vegetab...

N4. Bulgogi Noodle

Bulgogi with hand rolled noodles.

N2. Spicy Seafood Noodle “Jjam Bbong" Spicy

Seafood broth, mussel, assorted seafood, shiitake, hand-made noodle. Assorted...

N3. Seafood & Egg Drop Noodle "Ull Myun"

Thick seafood egg drop broth, assorted seafood, black fungus mushroom,...