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Legend:  spicy spicy   vegetarian vegetarian  

A7. Deep-Fried Dumplings

A2. Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi & assorted vegetables.

A4. Sweet & Spicy Tteokbokkie Spicy

Sweet & spicy sauce with rice cake sticks, fish cake, a hard-boiled egg...

A3. Seafood Pancake

Assorted seafood & vegetables.

A1. Vegetable Pancake Vegetarian

Vegetarian. Assorted vegetables.

A6. Sweet Fried Chicken Strips

Soy sauce with chicken strips, fried rice cake sticks, green onion, and...

A5. Sweet Ginger Tteokbokki

Sweet ginger sauce with rice cake, fish cake, a hard-boiled egg & assorted...